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You’re going to have fun listening to this episode. Today’s guest is Yifat Cohen, a woman of many talents and many professional endeavors. She helps people sell more than they ever thought possible with her work at Viral Connectivity, she somehow is still creating a ton of conversation and engagement on Google+ (yes, GOOGLE+), and she will say whatever is on her mind. The latter makes for a very fun episode with plenty of laughter, yet a ton of takeaways. Listen in!

TL;DL (too long; didn’t listen) version:

  • 1:50 #SocialRoadTrip have ya heard of it?
  • 2:25 Becoming a (literal) kickass professional woman.
  • 4:30 How Yifat became BFFs with Google.
  • 10:00 What Google Plus did wrong, and how they’re fixing it soon.
  • 12:30 Guess what…our content calendars don’t talk to each other.
  • 15:44 Join the connector side and find people to geek out with.
  • 18:12 What are marketers screwing up right now?
  • 21:40 We are moving from passive viewing to interactive viewing. Whoa, those gamers are on to something!
  • 27:20 Why aren’t people taking action? Hint: it has nothing to do with your CTAs.
  • 32:43 Where are we missing on trust? Where does it really come from?
  • 35:55 “Fuck up online and everyone will love you.”

Find Yifat Cohen on, yes I’m saying it, Google Plus by heading here (or just search “Google Plus Expert” on Google and she’ll pop up!). Also, you can learn more about the VICE program at viralconnectivity.com.

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Coming soon! Keep Marketing Weird: The Austin Marketing Podcast

Weird: (adj) – of strange or extraordinary character

Often, when we think of the word weird, we think of things that are bizarre. Things that feel out of place or go against specified norms. But I prefer to think of it, in terms of this podcast, as the latter half of the above definition. This podcast is for Austin marketers who are of extraordinary character. It’s about Austin marketing (and other pertinent marketing discussions) that produce extraordinary results. About a town where extraordinary things happen. And it’s for people like you.

Hello, I’m Rob Zaleski, but my friends call me Robzie. I hope you will, too.

I’ve been in Austin for over five years and love the community here. After attending multiple marketing conferences around the country and helping to orchestrate the B2B Marketing Forum over my few years with MarketingProfs, I’ve fallen in love with the marketing community as a whole.

There is a void here in Austin that needs to be filled. One that can bring together marketing professionals in our digital-forward town, and encourage us to bring our weird out. That is the goal of this podcast. I plan to feature marketing pros here in Austin, TX (and a few providing value from outside of Texas) through audio and video interviews. I’ll let them share their stories, their approaches, and their favorite places to get breakfast tacos (because that is really important intel). All with the goal of inspiring you and bringing together the community as a whole.

This podcast will also hopefully provide some external resources through partnerships and sponsorships, as well. Even job postings, so you can use this as a resource to keep your career moving forward. Interested in working with me in either respect? Shoot me an email through the contact form!

So here we go. Let’s keep Austin marketing growing. Let’s keep Austin marketers connected. Let’s Keep Marketing Weird.